College & Department Coordinators

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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Extension Office

Jean McLain

Dominic Rodriguez

College of Applied Science & Technology

Jocelyn Fisher

College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture

Laura Hollengreen


   School of Architecture

   School of Landscape Architecture


Danielle Dubois

Kelly Smith

College of Education

Rachel Barton

College of Engineering


   Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering   

   Biomedical Engineering

   Chemical & Environmental Engineering

   Civil Arch Engr & Mechanics

   Electrical & Computer Engr

   Mining & Geological Engr

Gardinia Laster


Naomi Sack

Gardinia Laster

Holly Altman

Jennifer Kruse

Rozanne Canizales

Gardinia Laster

College of Fine Arts:


School of Art

School of Dance

School of Music

School of Theatre and Television

Cy Barlow


Maria Sanchez

Jason Depizzo

Marissa Garaygordobil

Justine Collins

College of Humanities:


   School of Intn'l Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SILLC) 

   Department of Spanish & Portuguese 

   Department of Public & Applied Humanities

Robin Staples


Lindsey Fera

Mary Portillo

Murielle Coste

College of Medicine - Phoenix

Amanda Hendricks

Jenna DelBalso

College of Medicine - Tucson


Christina Kalel

COM-Tucson Department Coordinator's List:

COM-Tucson Department Coordinators List

College of Nursing

Nikki Pikaard

College of Optical Sciences Carol Altizer
Pharmacology/Toxicology Stephanie Schaller
Pharmacy Practice and Science Sonya Basurto
College of Public Health

Joy Rogers-Caron

College of Science

Brad Story

Frankie Kolb

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Young-Gie Min

Eller College of Management Marci Hill
Grad College Ryan Windows
Honors College

Tere Weiler

Sarah Romero

James E. Rogers College of Law

Law Library

Law Instruction

Bert Skye

Niki Carpenter

Barbara Vandervelde

University Animal Care Rebecca Schwartz
University Libraries

Armando Cruz

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